was co-founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Laurie Duncan and Alex Robertson.

The two co-founders (friends from school days) largely got into business together by accident: Laurie & Alex both got into property investment at roughly the same time back in 2010, separately, and only intended to build their individual buy-to-let portfolios.  However, through a combination of chance, a great opportunity, and Alex’s wedding day (including a few ice-cold Coronas), the two found themselves working with each other on their first project.  Quickly realising the team was greater than the sum of its parts, the two haven’t looked back.

“Since our inception, we’ve rapidly accelerated our combined property investment portfolio to a multi-million-pound valuation.  This residential portfolio also includes several large HMOs from 6-10 bedroom.

We’re a business with founders of mixed personalities, but the combination of the 2 makes a nice balance in all areas of the Group.  Laurie having his experience in international sales & business development, pushes the boundaries on ideas which can sometimes question reality!   This constant push for growth & business development, combined with Alex’s accounting & project management background, and his detailed analytical approach to opportunities, means that decisions taken are always well balanced and carefully calculated.

Alex is also a fully qualified Chartered Accountant and has travelled to all continents of the globe, being involved in international business acquisitions, new start-ups, and geographical expansion in some of the most challenging operating environments.  Both Alex & Laurie are completely open to each other’s ideas, opinions, and criticisms, and always talk things through to ensure the decision being taken is the right one.


To create generational wealth for all of our key stakeholders by addressing the significant supply/demand imbalance in the UK property market.

The UK housing market has reached a critical level of undersupply, with some 4 million shortage of homes versus the current demand.  In contrast to this many of our high streets are ghost towns, with large retailers going out of business and / or downsizing their number of operational stores.

Furthermore, it is estimated that almost 1 million homes are empty in the UK, not including empty commercial properties.  Many of these empty properties create a great opportunity to aid the residential housing undersupply.

Adding to the undersupply problem is a rental demand which continues to grow, despite many landlords leaving the market as the government tries to weed out “accidental landlords” with the recent tax changes.

Our investments aim to address these problems head on, through investment and development:

  • Conversion of empty commercial property to residential housing
  • Refurbishment and renovation of empty or uninhabitable homes, to provide additional high-quality stock back to the rental market
  • General expansion of our multi-million-pound residential rental portfolio
  • Creation of new housing



Laurie began investing in buy-to-let property back in 2010, acquiring his first investment simply because it was across the road from where he bought his first home (it had been on the market a while, and he got a good deal on it, of course!). Since then he’s been building his own portfolio, as well as REWD Group’s together with Alex.

He has over 20 years’ experience in international sales & business development, with a track record of building both top and bottom lines, to enable business expansion into new markets and product ranges.

Laurie is constantly seeking out new potential to push the company on to new areas and opportunities.

Laurie, if not at his desk, can most often be found snuggled up on the couch with his totally awesome wife Emma, his baby boy Daniel, and their German Shepherd Dog, Kobi!  Alternatively, running around Grangemouth, doing a bodyweight workout in the garage, or in the sauna or steam room!


Alex is a self-made property investor and businessman. He comes from a financial background gaining a degree in Accounting and Finance and then going on to Qualify as Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA).

Alex gained a huge wealth of experience in business within the oil and gas industry, working to build businesses and aid geographical expansion throughout Europe and the middle east, in roles from Finance to Project Management and General Management.

In 2010 Alex began to invest in property and apply his business skills to this new field. He combines strong financial analytical skills, project management (APM qualified), a passion for property and experience in building businesses, all towards the goal of growing REWD Group.

Alex often works behind the scenes of the business, guiding strategy and driving investments. The two co-founders are very different in personality however their skills complement each other perfectly to create a very well balanced business.


Conar entered the world of property as a ‘Trainee Estate Agent’ when he was 18 years old and quickly progressed to becoming the youngest Property Valuer in Scotland at only 19. Since then, Conar has become an industry expert and has brokered over 1,000 property transactions across the whole of the UK and gained further qualification in commercial property and building surveying.

He has almost 10 years’ experience in the property industry and has been responsible for running operations for some of the largest quick sale estate agents and property auctions in the country. With a reputation as one of the best in the industry, Conar can find investment opportunities in any market and present deals to investors that most would never even think possible.

Conar first met Laurie and Alex in 2018 before REWD Group had even been formed. They began their working relationship straight away, getting their first deal done together only a week after meeting. Since then, Conar has sourced over 25% of REWD Group’s massive buy-to-let portfolio and continues to lead the way in maximising profitability across all companies within the group as Head of Business Development.