The Numbers

These are the numbers of our most recent buy to let project. Over 20k profit and a strong monthly cashflow at £310! Great little deal and one of the few we have sourced on the market. #propertyinvestment #thenumbers #rewdgroup #propertyproject #investment #propertyinvestor

Get Paid To Learn Property Investment

Get Paid
With our loan and learn product we offer you the opportunity to get paid to learn about property investment. Loan and learn offers the opportunity to earn from 5% APR on a secured loan you provide to fund one of our property deals. Not only will you get paid interest…

We Are On A Mission

Full steam ahead at our HMO project. Finalised design details with our main contractor and architect. Aiming to complete this project in 6 weeks so stay posted for our updates!

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Financial Future
Forget the banks offering less than 1% APR on your cash! Real Estate Wealth Development can offer you a minimum of 5%APR on your cash, secured with a first charge against brick and mortar. We are an established company with a great track record on property development projects. We offer…