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The latest addition to REWD Group is REWD Building Co Limited (BCL). Established in late 2020 to coincide with huge expansion of REWD’s other Group activities, REWD BCL is a key element in the continued success of REWD Group.

REWD Building Co Limited
REWD Building Co Limited (“BCL”) was started in late 2020 due to the massive expansion of REWD’s other Group activities. Between the constant high demand of general residential refurbishments for our buy to let stocks, and the ever increasing acquisitions of commercial buildings for conversion to residential flats for resale, there was a clear and obvious need to:
– put us in full control of our work
– retain profits previously sent externally
– keep building costs down
REWD BCL is headed up by Richard Anderson, a young (30!) yet very experienced joinery professional, with various high level craftsman certifications and qualifications. Richard previously ran his own business performing the likes of residential refurbishments, retail refurbishments, commercial conversions, land developments and supply of all trades skilled labour.
Laurie and Alex control the business administration and management side of REWD BCL, Richard controls the building side, control of all staff, subcontractors and apprentices, as well as project management of all REWD Group building activities.
This beautiful synergy was created due to the “problem” of massive growth.
REWD BCL’s turnover in its first year is projected at £1m+, and that’s just REWD Group’s core business activities. Moving forward, we will offer our services to external clients.
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